"Sexy Lightbox" package contains the plugins to show various content in sexy lightbox and integrate with other extensions like Cloud Carousel, Media Gallery, Nivo Slider and etc.


  • Can show different content types like images, inline content, web pages, videos (YouTube, Vimeo, FLV files), Flash, Joomla! articles and modules
  • Possible navigate between items
  • Supports different themes
  • Can rotate items automatically
  • Provides a lot of parameters for customization
  • Supports integration with galleries, rotators and sliders


Documentation for the extension is here.


Click by a link below to open the lightbox with a video

Show YouTube video
Show Vimeo video
Show Flash object
Show QuickTime movie

Click by a link below to open miscellaneous content into the lightbox

Show inline content
Show web pages
Show articles
Show login module