Joomla popup plugin, module, component, extension. Create stylish lightbox in Joomla content.

Nice popup that can contain any HTML content or can open site by specified URL. Uses jQuery library. This plugin is also a part of ARI Smart Content: Image Pack

  • Display HTML content (messages, images, etc.) or site in popup
  • Customizable speed for animation
  • Customizable opacity


Show Yahoo! site

Click me to view HTML content

Click me to view video


{arijfancybox url="" title="Yahoo!"} Show Yahoo! site {/arijfancybox}

{arijfancybox width="350" height="200" title="Content"} {arijfbicontent} Click me to view HTML content {/arijfbicontent} {arijfbocontent} This is contentthat will be displayed in popup {/arijfbocontent} {/arijfancybox}


  • title - Popup title. Values: any string
  • width - Popup width. Values: number
  • height - Popup height. Values: number
  • hideOnContentClick - Hide content on click. Values: true, false
  • zoomSpeedIn - Speed in miliseconds of the zooming-in animation (no animation if 0). Values: number in milliseconds
  • zoomSpeedOut - Speed in miliseconds of the zooming-out animation (no animation if 0) ). Values: number in milliseconds
  • overlayShow - Show overlay or not. . Values: true, false
  • overlayOpacity - Opacity of overlay. Values: from 0 to 1